Welcome Speech

The Cuban biotechnology manufacture has recorded a significant growth in the past decades to overcome peculiarities associated with the Cuban Health System such as humanitarian, universal and gratuitous; and also with the increase in the growth in: the number and age of the population and the lifestyle associated diseases. As consequence, the total demand for some Cuban biotechnology products has reached the highest level in the country; and their sales are expected to grow in the forthcoming years.

That is the reason why; the First International Congress on Biotechnological Product Manufacturing organized by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Havana, Cuba and sponsored by different national and international organizations will set a distinctive platform for gathering Cuban and international researchers involved in the biotechnology field, manufacture managers, supply chain managers, quality assurance managers, regulatory affair managers, and engineers.

The conference will mostly include oral presentations clustered in two symposia and multiples topics, which will focus on concerns like obstacles fronting the biopharmaceutical industry, challenges faced by the industry to deliver quality products with reliable supply in a quick and agile manner, challenges of the regulatory frameworks that ensure quality, safety and efficacy for new product modalities and technologies, and finally the logistics required to manufacture and deliver these products to patients. In addition, technology providers could also show the latest technologies developed to be applied in the whole biotechnological product manufacturing field.

The organizing committee looks forward to having you as part of the congress, Sincerely,