Symposium Main Topics

Manufacturing and Development of Biotechnological Products

Chairman: Dr. Keith Carson (USA)


Co-Chairman: Dr. Oscar Cruz (Cuba)
  • Biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes
  • Customization of cell culture media
  • Novel vaccine technologies
  • Drug development and delivery systems
  • Biosimilar production
  • Disposable technologies
  • Process automation
  • Modular manufacturing facilities


Regulatory Issues for the Biotechnological Product Manufacture

Chairman: Dr. Willis Thomas (USA)


Co-Chairman: Dr. Luciano Hernández (Cuba)
  • Process validation
  • Analytical technique validation
  • Cold chain validation
  • Extractable and leachable determination
  • System and equipment qualification
  • Risk analysis in biopharmaceutical industry
  • Regulatory management in biopharmaceutical manufacturing