If you are a Sponsor at the 1st International Congress on Biotechnological Product Manufacturing and Regulatory Issues, the congress’s organizing committee will offer you the opportunity of free registration for your company’s representative and speaker. Sponsoring the congress will give prestigious to your business in the present and mostly promising Cuban Biotechnological and Biopharmaceutical industry boosting even more your credibility in Cuba. Your brand will be seen throughout the congress and attendees will eager learning more about your specific businesses. The sponsorship package includes an oral presentation time as a great way to showcase your expertise to the audience. If you choose to be a sponsor of the congress, you’re likely to have access to many of people in your target market, who you can build relationships with. However, due to the specific situation in Cuba, some elements of your sponsorship can be negotiable, for instance, naming rights. Even those you don’t have the audience in the room, you most think about all the ways the organizers have promoted the congress all over Cuba, so your name and logo will be used during the congress time and memories, boosting your authority in this industry. You will also have the chance to speak with some other sponsors and costumers of the congress, reconnecting your relationship with them. You can also use the congress as an opportunity to educate your customers about any upcoming upgrade of your products. Many of the people who will attend to the congress will be interested in learning more about sponsor technologies and solutions. For such goal, you need interact closely with the congress’s attendees and finally with your contribution, more Cuban’s scientists can be part of the congress increasing the audience of the congress and giving you the opportunity to know more the achievements of a main part of the Cuban biotechnology.